Bringing people and pets together.

Pupalito delivers innovative and sustainable solutions for saving the lives of vulnerable animals across the country.

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We are here to help solve the pet "overpopulation problem."

Approximately 6.5 million innocent animals are placed in U.S. animal shelters every year and 1.5 million are euthanized. The myth is that there are not enough homes available for these pets, but that’s just not true!

While there are areas across the country that struggle with pet overpopulation, there are also areas where the availability of shelter animals is low, but demand is high. That’s where we come in.

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We provide solutions for the humane relocation and placement of shelter pets from high-kill areas, to areas of high demand. We do this through a nationwide transport and placement system that brings pets to people.

Help us help pets.

We know the key to saving as many animals as possible is finding sustainable solutions to bring like-minded animals advocates together to make a difference. We do this in four ways.

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Rescue Partnerships

Working together to save more pets, Pupalito partners with shelters and nonprofit rescue organizations to increase adoptions through humane relocation. 

Pet Adoption

When you adopt a Pupalito pet a portion of each adoption fee goes straight back to covering costs for another animal to be saved. Our adopters pet it forward.

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Boarding & Veterinary

When you choose Pupalito for boarding and veterinary services a portion of the costs go towards the cost of transporting pets to our facility, as well as housing and care of shelter pets until they are adopted by their forever homes.

Invest in Pupalito

When you invest in Pupalito, you aren’t just investing in saving innocent animal lives, you are helping to pioneer a new, innovative and sustainable way of saving animal lives.