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What is Pupalito?

At our core, Pupalito is in the business of saving vulnerable animals.

We do this by providing humane relocation of animals from high-kill shelters with extreme pet overpopulation (known as sending shelters), to destination shelters (belonging to us), where there is a high demand for adoptable animals.

While this concept is not new, the way we are able to fund it is.

We have combined the best processes of nonprofits and for-profits, by operating as a Benefit Corporation, to create an innovative and sustainable solution. Major corporations use Pet Adoptions, Boarding, Training and Grooming to drive retail sales. Our hands-on approach to saving lives is focused on adoptions while theirs is retail. It is a proven model which works for them and will work for us.

To Benefit Homeless Pets

My name is John Ross, and I am the founder of Pupalito. I have spent more than 20 years in non-profit management with an emphasis on humane relocation.

You could say became involved in animal welfare the hard way! Many years ago, my family decided that adopting a dog was a great idea, so we visited a shelter on a Sunday. There were so many dogs that needed homes, it was hard to bring home just one. On Tuesday, I couldn’t stop thinking about all those homeless animals, so I went back to the shelter. I was surprised to see that there was not a single pet left in the place. When I asked the officer if all of the pets were adopted, he wouldn’t answer me and was quick to walk away; so I decided to do some research. It wasn’t easy to find, but this shelter killed almost 85% of the animals that it took in.

I had no idea there were places that kill over 85 percent of stray animals. It almost seemed like all this killing was a deep, dark secret that was hidden from the public while they held themselves out as “humane heroes” and even had a wall full of awards from industry organizations! When I found that millions of shelter pets in the United States are euthanized (killed) every year, I knew that I needed to help them find love. I quit my job soon after this experience and decided that my dad was right. He said, “You can be part of the solution or part of the problem.” So, I decided to be part of the solution, and have been looking for it ever since.

I founded Pupalito because I believe there is a more sustainable solution to animal homelessness and euthanasia. By “flipping the script” on animal welfare business, we can save the lives of thousands of animals. And that’s what I intend to do.

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John Ross serves as LA Pets Alive’s Executive Director, overseeing the organization’s management, programs and development. Ross joined Pet’s Alive after spending more than 20 years in non-profit management with an emphasis on humane relocation.

John currently fosters five special needs dogs and six cats, plus a dozen neighborhood ferals. He is proud to be able to support Pets Alive’s mission to provide the best quality care for those pets in need of the most help.